Introducing Custom Stores

No more money collection. No more size changes. No more hassle.

As one of our unique options for our customers, Custom Stores allows you to set up your own site for your group. Individuals can choose what they want, their size for apparel, and pay directly online. No more hassle. No more collection. Once the ordering period closes, we'll collect the information and deliver everything to you for distribution.

How it Works:

1. Choose your products.

Decide on what you want to offer to your group and the design of each item. Look at our catalog or request something custom here.

2. Decide on a minimum.

Each item you choose to be on your Custom Store must have a minimum order that you are contracted to meet. It's good to be realistic in setting this minimum because the group must meet this quantity.

3. Get the order started.

We will let you know the price of each item, and if you agree, we will set up your store! Set the duration of your ordering period, send the store link to your group members, and start ordering!

4. We'll do the rest!

Once the ordering period closes, we'll collect all the information and start the order for you. Everything will be shipped to the group leader for distribution along with a list of all the orders.

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out the form below to request your own custom store!

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email at info@groupgear.com or call 617-496-9996.