Our Mission

Student Founded. Customer Focused.

Our business began as a small branch of The Harvard Shop, an apparel and accessories store that is completely run by Harvard students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We noticed the strong need for a convenient, inexpensive way to produce custom products for the clubs, conferences, and organizations all over campus, many of them led by students like ourselves. That's how we began in 2004, making custom apparel and products for our friends, professors, and administrators. We knew every organization and event had its own unique needs for their orders, so we personally communicated with each customer - a customer service tradition that has continued to this day. We have since expanded nationally, providing our service to customers around the country.

Solution Oriented. Innovation Driven.

Our business is always evolving because we listen and live on the ground with our customers. All of us are involved in conferences, organizations, and companies that we cater to, so we intimately understand the problems our customers face and are always trying to find solutions. That's why we recently developed our unlimited selection and custom store option to save our customers time and money. And we're always open to new ideas and solutions too - you can always shoot us an inquiry here:

Why Us?

GroupGear Receives 2014 Best Businesses of Cambridge Award!

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“By far the most prompt and product providers out there. Top quality branding products!”

— Chris, Let's Go Publishing

“The staff have been very accommodating and responsive. More than once, they’ve been able to expedite service and delivery so that I received my orders before the events. Their prices are also often cheaper or on par with other large custom apparel operators.”

— Teresa, Queen's Head Pub

“Their staff is professional and knowledgeable — they know how to get the most bang for your buck in terms of shirt styles and designs.”

— Eric, HBC Manager

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Personalized Service

Our mission is to put our customers first. From the moment you request a quote, you will be assigned a personal representative who will help you from start to finish. This personalized approach allows us to accommodate custom and special requests.

Unbeatable prices

We're a firm believer in our services and our prices. Our quotes are consistently the lowest in the market, especially when you order in bulk. If you respond to our quote with proof of a competitor's price, we'll strive to match or beat it.

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Unlimited Selection

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